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Iraq and Liberia: Complex Problems, Easy Solutions

             Certain current issues have an impact on some nations specifically and the international community in general. Two of these issues are the economic and political problems in Iraq, and the how to end the Liberian civil war. Both will be discussed on the impact of the issue, how the issue affects the globe, and how it might be resolved.
             The question of how Iraq should be controlled and who should control it has been an ongoing controversy. First, the economic and political problems in Iraq are mostly concerned with the countries of Iraq and the United States, although the other major world powers are involved. France, Russia, Germany, and many other smaller countries were strongly opposed to the war, and fear that if the United Nations lifts the sanctions there will be chaos in Iraq. Secondly, this issue affects the international community greatly, mostly because of Iraq's oil reserves. France and Russia both have ideas, or contracts, on how to develop the Iraqi oil fields. France has had strong ties with Iraq, getting most of its oil from there, and supplying Iraq with goods, money, and even troops during the Iran- Iraq war. This issue could possibly be resolved by having the United Nations vote on who should be in control of the Iraqi government, and having countries supply troops to help control the anarchy in the cities, until a police force was set up.
             For the past couple of decades, Liberia has been in an almost persisting civil war. Like in Iraq, the problem in Liberia affects many different countries, including France, the UK, the US, and countries surrounding Liberia, which have been recently ensnared in the fighting. President Charles Taylor is accused of destabilizing neighboring countries, such as in Sierra Leone, where he is accused of supporting rebels in the diamond mines. Luckily, the fighting in Sierra Leone has now stopped. The resolution of this issue is very simple.

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