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Technological Modernization

            Technological modernization has dramatically increased availability of violent entertainment. The launch of television was vital; it has particularly made violent entertainment more abundant to children. More currently, video games have increased exposure. Violent video games have been a conflict in today's society. As technology advances get more sophisticated, so do the video games with more realistic graphics, sound effects and scenarios. As a result, violent video games are also becoming more realistic, cruel and offensive. With varying classifications and genres, video games are not for everyone; they are rated for specific audiences ranging from "everyone" to "mature". These ratings suggest the age appropriateness; however, there is no discipline to any people who is disobeying those games ratings. To put it differently, children start playing a game suitable for persons ages 17 and older (Mature) in which contains intense violence, gore, sexual content and strong language. Under those circumstances, children will be influence from those violent games, and it is obvious that violent video games cause behavior problems.
             Video games are a popular debated topic in today society. Since this revolutionary invention was created, there have been positive and negative reactions to video games. Individuals use video games to bring happiness, relaxation, and joy with in their peers. In the other hand, they can become an addiction and create unfavorable effects. Most of the negative effects of video games are accused of its violence contents. Children who spent generous amount of time playing violent video games are more "likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors" (Anderson & Bushman.) Academic performance shows a large negative change to all the excess time spent playing video games. Studies have demonstrated that kids who spend long hours on playing video games perform weaker in school (Anderson & Bushman.

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