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Racism Today

            Racism has set a huge impact on our  today. People are treated differently because of their color skin or their looks in general. Not only has there been racism with Americans and African Americans but with other nationalities also. There are many stereotypical people that think because you are of a certain descend, you are just like the rest. In the movie "Crash" there was a problem with white cops and a black couple, a Mexican with a middle eastern man and Asians also. Racism can happen with anyone around you and you may never know who is and who isn't.     .
              Two males of black descend stole a truck when they were on their way home. How ironic that when the two men were walking, they had a conversation about people thinking just because they are black they are just like the rest. A thief can be anyone of any descend and sometimes you would not even see it coming. In the movie it turned out that one of the young men was the brother of a high crime scene investigator, which many people looked up to. Both brothers were treated and raised equally. It didn't matter that the young man was of black descend because so is his brother, and he turned out to be opposite.        .
             Daniel which was of Mexican descend got treated differently by Jean, while he was changing the locks to her home. Jean made a stereotype about Daniel being a "Mexican-banger", discussed about his tattoos being from jail and made accusations of selling the keys to his friends in the future. Jean was wrong about Daniel. He was in fact a good husband and father with a lovely house in a good area. People judge others on their appearance without really knowing the real them. Just like Mexican cultures get treated differently, so does any Hispanic nationality. Many people make stereotype comment about Puerto Rican's being loud and obnoxious just like they do for Mexicans.    .
              I have a part time job at Burger King just like many others my age.

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