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            Watching TV for extensive amounts of time is a dangerous trap that many families and children fall into. For children especially, this is a critical time for them in their brain development and cognitive skills. Heavy television watching can alter the "wiring" in their brains and delay their development. Another main concern is childhood obesity. The rates keep increasing and it's a direct link to being inactive. It doesn't stop there either. With all the violence and advertisements on TV today, children have access to seeing that every day and might get the wrong impression. So, custom screenings that are age appropriate are a must in limiting TV.
             Today, the recommended amount of television a child should watch is measured in screen time. That could be a computer, television, or video games. For every hour that the child is watching TV, that's an hour that they're not being active. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that for children over the age of two, they should be limited to two hours a day. This is specifically for health reasons.
             It is the parent that should use their best judgment on how to limit the television. They should just keep in mind the amount of physical activity time as well. The television, computer, and video games shouldn't be completely neglected, but they shouldn't be the main focus either. Setting good examples and limits will help kids learn and be healthier.
             No doubt about it, TV, video games, and the Internet can be excellent sources of education and entertainment for kids. But too much screen time can have unhealthy side effects. That's why it's wise to monitor and limit the time your child spends playing video games, watching TV and on the computer and the Internet. Television is causing more and more children to waste their childhood inside instead of going outside and experiencing proper childhood. Some children watch television for so long that it causes health and social problems.

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