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Abortion - Right or Wrong

            Each year 75 million women have unwanted pregnancies. Each of these women has her own familial relationship, hopes for the future, economic concerns, and health needs (Watkins). The only person equipped to make the decision to have an abortion is the pregnant woman herself. There are many reasons why women decide to have an abortion. Sometimes it is a better choice in some life situations. For example, they could have been raped or conceived a baby with some medical problems, or they could have endangered their health. Only women should have the right to decide what to do about their pregnancies. .
             A lot of people argue about the decision to have an abortion. In fact, half of those people never faced that problem and do not realize how difficult those situations can be. A lot of women have serious reasons to make that step. Women have the right to have an abortion if they feel that it will benefit them. It is not about the religion or someone's opinion; it is about the particular person and her personal life. Neither clergy, nor community, nor government has the right to make that decision for a woman.
             No one is protected from the obstacles that life may throws at her. Some life situations are good and some are bad. An example of agreeing with the decision to have an abortion would be when a woman was raped and did not want to live with the bad memory of conceiving the baby. Also, no one knows what health problems the biological father had and what genes the baby carries. What if the person who was raped were a girl thirteen or fourteen year old? She is too young to be a mother, and it is not her fault what happened to her. She has a future and the right to be happy. Another example was my classmate Natalie. She was only fifteen when she got pregnant. She did not have any money to support the baby and was not mature enough to handle this situation.

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