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Abortion, is it right or wrong?

            Do you consider something with a beating heart a living creature? A baby's heart forms and starts beating during the 5th week of pregnancy, therefore, that would make abortion murder. Many people have different views and beliefs on abortions. As a U.S. citizen, women have the right to choose whether to continue the pregnancy or not. I believe the mother should always think of the other options available before she decides on an abortion. Abortion is morally wrong and there are other options than just an abortion.
             Many abortions are performed each year in the U.S. Having an abortion is considered murder to some. Once the baby has a heartbeat it is considered a living human being. The baby is growing inside of you and depending on you, so when you make the choice to end that life, you are making the choice to murder another person. Someone that believes in the pro choice theory would say that the decision is up to the woman, but the person with the pro life theory would say that it is murder, no matter what the situation. If it is impossible to abort a baby in the 9th month, then what makes it ok to do in the 5th or 6th month?.
             Abortions are considered the easy way out. I feel that abortions are wrong. There is no easy way out. There are so many people out there that wish they could get pregnant. You could just imagine how it makes them feel hearing about abortions. Abortions should definitely not be used as a form of birth control. It should be determined based on the circumstances of the pregnancy. A woman should have the choice to have an abortion if she is raped, impregnated by a deranged man, or incest. It would be unfair to force a rape victim to bear an unwanted baby and to be reminded of that rape for the rest of her life.
             There are other options that you can choose from besides an abortion. There is always adoption. I"m sure adoption could be as hard on a mother as an abortion.

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