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Is Abortion Right Or Wrong?

            Murder suspects in America are convicted everyday, yet thousands of murderers murder people without meeting ends with justice. Abortion continues to stand as one of the most debatable subject matters in America while several points indicate that it is wrong. Because ethics and law intertwine, the Abortion debate continues to be a fired up topic. .
             The Abortion procedure is morally wrong whether you look at it from a religious perspective or not. A Christian would argue that it is wrong because it's in direct violation of one of the 10 commandments: "You shall not kill." Abortion would still be wrong even if you weren't a believer because taking away any life; especially a human beings life is in fact murder as defined in the dictionary. Which one convicted or murder in the United States would be penalized with the maximum degree of punishment. And ethically, murder is wrong. And from a Christian point of view, God should be the only person that decides when a life should begin or end. No other person should have the option to decide on that. God has plans for the baby's life from the beginning to the end. He expects no one to interfere with the life of the child. God creates the baby exactly the way he wants and secures it in a place that he believes is safe enough environment to grow. When a baby is conceived, he begins to grow into a human being. Abortion should not interfere with the growing of a child. The right to kill the baby i.e. abort it shall only be in the hands of God not in the hands of a woman that cannot deliver the child for whatever reason. Abortion is immoral because God believes so as indicated in the bible, our conscience believes so, and each life is precious including the one inside a pregnant woman's womb. .
             Another reason why Abortion is wrong is that life begins at conception not in any specific trimester, as a Pro-Choice person would argue. As soon as a baby is conceived, it is scientifically proven that it is a human being just like any one of us.

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