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Stages of Natural Selection

             It is thought that animals are subjected to natural selection. Animals that live in either the terrestrial or aquatic environments go through very different natural selections but it does occur for both of these groups. One way that we can look and see how natural selection works is by doing a study with gummy worms for a terrestrial and aquatic environment using utensils has our predators. Also to make it more fair there will be two of each of the utensil animals. In the study we will see what kind of utensils don't last in their environment, and we will discover this by repeating the experiment until only one utensil animal is left. .
             Animals go through many stages and in some of the stages that they go through they experience natural selection. Natural selection is the gradual, non-random process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population. In natural selection it is the best survive, this means the ones that are able to adapt and live in the environment. An example could be two different colors of beetles, ones being green and the others being brown. In this environment the birds eat more green beetles making them less common in the population. With the class experiment we used gummy worms as the prey and then "utensil birds as the predators. Our experiment dealt with the utensil birds dying if they were unable to catch gummy worms to eat in both the terrestrial and aquatic environments.
             Materials and Methods.
             A tray that is twelve inches by twenty- four inches and is flat to represent terrestrial environment will have forty gummy worms spread on it. Six students from the class will be three different kinds of utensil birds. Two students will be knife birds, two will be spoon birds and two will be fork birds. These six birds will attempt to catch the prey being the gummy worms after a seventh person say go. After all worms are "ate " they will be counted for each bird and the on with the lowest number then becomes extinct, the worms are then placed back on the tray.

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