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Controversies the Prompted the American Revolution

            The American Revolution was caused by a collection of actions and feelings. Beginning in 1775, the American Revolution was probably one of the most influential wars in U.S. history. There is not a single event that can be titled as the definitive cause for the revolution. The war started out of a disagreement between the original thirteen colonies and Great Britain. It was this disagreement that fostered the American Revolution.
             The Americans believed they should be treated with the same rights as Englishmen, while on the other hand Great Britain refused to give it to them. The British wanted to use the colonies simply to profit Great Britain. The colonists' were in disagreement with how parliaments economic exploitation and political oppression. Britain on many cases refused to accept that the colonies had grown out of their earlier status.
             1763 seemed to be the start of all controversies in the revolution. Right after the French and Indian War, Britain gained Canada and Florida in the treaty. Since French no longer surrounded the colonies, the colonies no longer need to rely on British forces to help shield them from attack. With this being said the British also started to feel like they needed to take back control of their colonies". This also led to the idea that the colonies needed to start paying more taxes to help pay for the price of war.
             After the French and Indian war there was a sharp change in the way Britain viewed their relationship with the colonies. Since Britain now owned land around the colonies they felt as if they need to be stern with their power. Britain began to immediately enforce existing laws, they started taxing the colonies, and they also started to make attacks on Americans rights to govern themselves.
             The colonies were infuriated, and felt as if their rights had been violated in this arrangement. George Grenville was placed in charge of ruling this vast empire.

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