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Sua Sponte - Authority Taken

            What comes to mind when you think of the United States Military? Ethos? Combat missions? Rigorous training? What about Special Operations Forces, Spec-Ops Forces, or SOFs? If you have seen the movies "Act of Valor", "Air Force One", "Saving Private Ryan", "Executive Decision", or "The Green Berets", then you may have a very good idea of what I'm talking about. These units are at the top of the US Military. They are the best of the best; the strongest of the strongest; and the most humble of all humble. The US Military has been in formal commission ever since the thirteen colonies became one nation, the United States of America. .
             Throughout American history, we have been involved in numerous wars and have depended on the preeminent training Her men have endured to conquer the enemy. All men and women in the US Military should be commended for their actions, reaching their potentials in their training, and their bravery, their courage. Since only less than 1% of our population are in the Armed Forces, we should be thankful for all those special, "heroes", people of Her Military for protecting us. And then there are those who push the mental and physical confines of the human body to its limits and beyond. Let us call these remarkable people, "superheroes".
             These superheroes exist in forms that you readily could not distinguish from a regular hero unless you are they are in their "super suits". There are numerous superhero squadrons in Her Military, but only a select few practice direct action (DA) or close quarter combat (CQC) missions, where they infiltrate, attack, and extract. The US Army DA superheroes are dressed in their tan suits and tan berets labeling themselves the 75th Ranger Regiment, otherwise known to the public "Army Rangers". The US Navy are decked out in navy blue and golden yellow calling themselves the Navy's Sea, Air, Land Teams, or known to us as the Navy SEALs.

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