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Developmental Theory - Casey Anthony

            As a child, Casey Anthony's parents favored her over her older brother, Lee. Being spoiled, along with Casey's natural disposition, led her to become a self-centered and conniving adult. She'd learned that, through lying, she could manipulate her way into getting whatever she wanted - and easily convince others that her lies were the truth. George and Cindy Anthony often believed Casey's lies, and in order to avoid conflict, would give her whatever she asked for. .
             But in confusing contrast, George and Cindy ran the household in an authoritarian manner, putting Casey into an environment where she had no boundaries, yet was stifled - a spoiled but smothered existence. .
             Casey attended the inner-city school of Colonial High in Orlando, Florida, and many of the students in her school were from low-income or poverty stricken homes. Academically, she was less than stellar, and in 2004, she fell short of graduating from high school by one credit. Incredibly, Casey didn't tell her parents that she wouldn't be graduating until they'd already arrived at the graduation ceremony. This is one of many instances where Casey's bent toward devious behavior is evident.
             Looking close at age-graded theory of informal social control and cumulative disadvantage, it is pointed out that the most prevalent influences or predictors of chronic criminality result from family processes. For example, the amount of maternal supervision, parental discipline style, and attachment to parents are the main factors which concluded high displays of criminality (Sampson & Laub, 1998). Casey didn't become a pathological liar when she entered into the world. Lying is a learnt behaviour and I believe that Casey witness lies within her parents' marriage. As a result, instead of dealing with the lies and accepting the problems within her family it was easier for her to lie. Lie to herself, her peers, and most of all her parents.

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