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Media - Evaluation of a Music Video Production

             Throughout this whole production process our time management hasn't been organized or on time. At the start of our production we started of really well and started hitting our targets. On the 19/1/13 we arranged to take the shots 1-6 and develop them in the storyboard and we all came and did exactly that. That was our first filming all together and we all worked well in our group and there were no problems.
             We then started getting to the end of our filming time in the lessons and when it was supposed to happen and when it actually did happen were months apart because not everyone could make it, or they didn't contribute to the minutes meetings. For example on the 17th of April we were supposed to stay after school and work on more shots but it actually happened on the 1st of May. When we did the minutes meeting we should have waited till everyone was there and then decided when to film, this would have meant that all of the member of the group would have been there and everyone would know what shots we had. This also links into paperwork as if everyone knows what we have done and there at the minutes meeting then our paperwork would have been filled out in more detail and all the dates would be on there.
             Missing these deadlines lead to our editing becoming more and more delayed which lead to our music video not being even slightly ready to submit for the interim. Our music Video did not even reach the quality of a pass which disappointed all of us. We should have made sure that everyone could make it and came to the after school sessions we did. We should have had more minutes meeting to establish what paperwork had and hadn't been done because the paperwork slowed us down and delayed us so this would have fastened the pre-production process which could of lead to us getting maybe a higher mark.
             To regain the time we had to work harder and input more work. Each and every one of us needed to keep our heads down and not get distracted by certain members of the group.

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