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American Students and Social Networking

            "How can you [spend another day] not taking advantage of the greatest [advance] of our generation; how [can] you settle for less when [ ] it's so easy to become remarkable?" - Seth Godin, Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur.
             Social networking sites are one of the many technological advances in society today; these many advances have allowed individuals to expand their knowledge. Social networking sites are created for society; these sites allow individuals all over the world to interact. Networking sites allow society to communicate daily through social feeds, picture updates and group chats. These sites have become the online formation of old fashioned items. Books are now recorded on YouTube, photo albums have become Instagram and diaries have become Tumblr. Nevertheless, social networking sites have grown to become very beneficial to students in society today. .
             Some of the most popular networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, are beneficial aids to students as they are a simple and interactive way for them to engage. In society today, many people only think of the negative impacts social networking sites can cause. It is arguable that, social networking affects student learning abilities and information retention. However, social networking can be highly beneficial to students. In fact, social networking sites are a great educational tool. It has been shown that, social networking offers students hands on learning opportunities through the use of familiar, commonly used websites. Also, the incorporation of social networking sites within a classroom engages students by using popular sites that are used daily. .
             Furthermore, today's students spend hours on news feeds and updates. .
             In addition, by using social networking sites students can experience learning through more than just books; social sites teach students adaptation to the world around them. Society has developed through technology and social networking; these social networking sites teach students how to communicate more professionally.

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