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What I

            There are so many lessons that a mother teaches a person as they mature from a child into an adult. Some lessons people don*t learn until after they*ve left the safe, stable environment of their home and venture off to college and have to face the harshness of being independent. But when you are with your mother as a child, a mother can instruct you on the ways of knowing how to love someone unconditionally, on accepting an individual for his or her own uniqueness, or even how to be an excellent citizen of state and country. My mother strived for me to learn how to become an exemplary citizen. Through my mothers teachings on becoming a laudable citizen, she instilled in me how to love all individuals, the ability to communicate with my environment, and the strength and courage to work with my species at my most capable level.
             I*ve been exposed to all different races, cultures, and people who are products of their societies through my mother. I*ve lived in the most rural places. I lived on a farm in the heart of the country in Thomaston, Ga. I also lived in the ghetto of Athens and was the only white girl on the bus for 2 years. Living in the ghetto posed no threat to my family or me and so my mother deemed it safe since that was where my step-father lived when he and my mom got married. We lived their until my mother finished her Midwifery Degree at Emory and decided to move to a classified "white" side of town. My mother is a Nurse-Midwife and her practice is nestled in Athens when her clientele harvests mostly Hispanics with a minority in Asian and Caucasian. Through the majority, she was able to have a greater appreciation for the Hispanics and the hard ships they must go through to even be in America. She was also the kind of woman who gave a homeless man a meal we*ve just prepared and offer him a seat at our table. When he asked for work, my mother showed him small household chores that he could do for a small fee.

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