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             Have you ever had trouble trying to find the perfect place to go on vacation? Well, there are some places that will fit your style no matter what you like. England is one of these places. England with its foreign surroundings is a place where different cultures come together. Another one of these places is New York. New York is perfect for those who enjoy the high paced city life. Tahiti is the last one of these places. If you enjoy basking in the sunlight and taking in your surroundings then Tahiti is the place for you. No matter what you are partial to, one of these vacation spots is meant for you.
             England has many qualities that would make it an exemplary vacation spot for people of all different clichés. Its exquisite museums range in all shapes and sizes and come in a variety of different attractions. Museums such as the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Museum of the Moving Image are all visited frequently by tourists and natives. However, England isn't just known for its fabulous museums, its enticing restaurants and original cafes offer a wide variety of not just food but culture. Restaurants can be anywhere from Asian to American to old-fashioned British entrees. Finally, something any visitor can enjoy, shopping. With stores varying from unique vintage stores to high rated, high priced, designer, name brand stores. From 3 story Dr. Marten buildings to little corner shops tucked away out of sight. As you can see, England would be the picture perfect place to take anyone.
             New York city being the thriving metropolis it is is the ultimate place to revitalize your senses. The hustle and bustle of city life is just right for letting you be free to try and experience new things. Everywhere you turn, you are sure to find people taking in all the magnificent sights. These sights can range anywhere from the Statue of Liberty, which is recognized as a symbol of freedom throughout the world, to the Empire State Building, which is one of the most beloved and renowned buildings all over the nation.

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