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Concise Overview of The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

             Mallard is afflicted with heart trouble and those who know her treat her as if she's a fragile piece of glass. When Mr. Mallard was reportedly killed in a train accident, her sister and a family friend conjures a plan to gently tell Mrs. Mallard about her husband's death. Mrs. Mallard cries her heart out, and then locks herself in her room to be alone. At first, she seems befuddled of some realization that's sinking into her and finally realizes that it's her unconsciously wanted freedom. Even though she and her husband loved each other, and despite the fact that she's truly saddened by his death, she feels absolute and genuine freedom for the first time in her married life. She looks forward to the days ahead instead of not wanting them to come. While Mrs. Mallard is having this brief moment of epiphany, her sister keeps checking on her to see if she's alright. Finally, Mrs. Mallard comes out of her room, newly resolved, and she and her sister start to go downstairs. Suddenly, the not-so-dead Mr. Mallard comes in. At the sight of her alive and well husband, Mrs. Mallard experiences a tremendous shock and dies.
             Louise Mallard.
             Her husband is reportedly killed in a train accident. When she hears the news, she secretly became happy because she is now free. Without having any second thoughts of guilt, she became addicted to the new freedom within her reach and pays no attention to her husband's death. She had a heart attack when her husband, who was alive after all, arrived at their house.
             Brently Mallard.
             He is Louise's husband, who was reportedly killed in a train accident. Although Louise remembers him as a kind and loving man, she sees him as the primary reason of why she was reduced to the state of a typical obedient housewife. He came home without any knowledge of the accident.
             She is Louise's sister who carefully informed her about her husband's death.
             He was Brently's friend who learned about the train accident and Brently's death at the newspaper office, and was present when Josephine told Louise about the sad news.

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