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Literary Criticism - The Story of an Hour

            American author Kate Chopin has written two published novels and over a hundred short stories. Most of her stories are set in her hometown of Louisiana and focus on the lives of women. Based on the literary criticisms researched, a lot Kate Chopin's works focused on female emancipation. The era she grew up in was a contemporary society where women were subjected to acting in a certain manner. Women were to get married, have children, and live a traditional life. Chopin did not grow up in a traditional household, perhaps setting the basis on her view of society. She was raised by her mother and grandmother, both widows. Her father died of a train accident when she was only five years old. She was also educated by women, leaving her little room for notion on a traditional marriage. There is no doubt that being raised and educated by women had influence on her view of individuality. .
             Kate was not noted as the traditional contemporary woman as she smoked cigarettes, did not conform to contemporary attire, and was quite outspoken. She wanted to live freely, as she did even when married. She also gave her kids as much freedom as possible. Her works such as "The Storm" and "Story of an Hour" reflect the roles of women in society. They illustrate topics such as the "caged" feeling a woman may have in a marriage, or the need to express female sexuality and desire. All three articles depict Chopin in a positive manner, describing her as one of the more important feminist writers in her time. There is also a common theme of gender roles and the individuality of a woman in the articles researched. .
             Three Literary Criticisms.
             Chopin is considered to be one of the first feminists. She writes about the physical and emotional suffering that women suffer due to society. She addresses issues related to the sexual and spiritual oppression and repression of women. .
             Born in a time where women had to act a certain way, she saw that women did not have the freedom to express themselves as men could.

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