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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

             Mark Haddon is an author, poet, cartoonist, and screenwriter. He has written 22 books, for both children and adults. Haddon has won numerous prizes, including two BAFTAs. (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)! He was born in Northampton in 1962. Haddon graduated from Oxford University in 1981. The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time gave Haddon bestseller status and gave him, probably, the most honorable prize: The Whitbread Novel of the Year Award, better known as the Costa Book Award. Only five authors that come from Great Britain and Ireland can win. The winner receives £5000. .
             Main Characters - Names and Short Descriptions.
             The main character is Christopher Boone. He goes to a special school, not because he is stupid. He goes there because he is just a little special. He got Asperger's Syndrome. This means he has a social handicap. Example: he does not understand that means happy and means sad. He has written it down so he can recognize what people feel. Another example is that Christopher is afraid of people he does not know, and to new places like for example France, because they do not speak English there. People with Asperger's Syndrome have often a bright mind, focusing on one theme or subject. Christopher is great in math. He sees a lot of details that normal people do not see, and he thinks a lot. We have the father, Ed Boone. He is a man who got his temper under control most of the time. He`s got a small drinking problem, but he takes care of Christopher after the mother left them. He makes sure Christopher gets his food, clothes and that he gets to take the "A" level in math. It turns out that the father actually has lied to Christopher about his mom, and he killed the dog Wellington. And then there is the mother, Judy Boone. First we thought that she was dead, but it turned out that she was alive. She was a woman that very easily overreacted."Mother used to hit me" (quote from the book).

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