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Literary Structure and Style of Mark Haddon

            "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time," by Mark Haddon, integrates unique elements of structure, language style and character narration to really deliver a rare, wonderful and one of a kind book that truly brings up thought provoking issues and is overall a satisfying read. Through the use of a "disabled" narrator, the author Mark Haddon creates intrigue and gives us rare insight into another, even alien like world! Not many narrators have Aspergers syndrome, so we are encouraged to see everyday day aspects of life in a newly diverse and refreshing light. For example the protagonist Christopher observed a sign that read "keep of the grass" but goes on to ridicule the statement by saying it should declare "keep of the grass around the sign" or "keep off all the grass in this park because there is a lot of grass you're allowed to walk on". I think the author includes this to imply that even thought Christopher is mentally challenged, he is still really intellectual and can think more objectively compared to the rest of society, and thus makes us rethink our narrow minded criticism and stereotypical attitudes towards the retarded. We can also learn a lot from Chris, not only about his handicap but also about the importance of relationships and striving to achieve ones goals. This is demonstrated in the novel when Christopher set's out on what is for him an epic adventure, to find his mother in London. His journey and the challenges he meets along the way serve well to show us great insight into how he handles his handicap while still managing to achieve his aspirations. What otherwise I thought had the potential to be un engaging is really made special and bought to life by the unique and captivating narration used by the more challenged main character .
             Maintaining interest and providing entertainment are two key points in creating a lucrative and successful novel, this is achieved outstandingly in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, through the use of an atypical structure.

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