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Sports Marketing

            The National Rugby League, like other sports, is seeking to expand and/or consolidate teams in Australia and New Zealand. Consider how restructure might be pursued from the perspective of the NRL. What scenario would you put in order to expand market reach by television and to improve crowd numbers? Your task is to consider what is needed for the long-term viability of the NRL. .
             Rugby League has been one of Australia's most popular sports since 1908. However in recent years, despite increased levels in junior participants, the overall participation, development and recognition of the sport has plateaued and stagnated for various reasons. Like other sports, Rugby League is seeking to expand and consolidate teams in Australia and New Zealand. They seek to broaden their marketing expansion tools to cover a range of media platforms in order to expand their market reach and improve crowd numbers. The Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) believes this is crucial in creating and maintaining viable, long-term participation and recognition for NRL. .
             Dwindling Numbers.
             One of the main issues posed for NRL is the shortage of teams within the competition. Originally containing 20 teams in 2000, the NRL competition now only holds 16 teams, 2 of which have only recently been included. This suggests that the number of participants have decreased drastically as each team contains a minimum of 17, that is, the sport has lost approximately 68 players (based on 4 teams lost at 17 players a team). Not only is the decline in participants frustrated a potential of increasing the sports expansion levels, it has also meant a restriction in the awareness of the game and sport across Australia and New Zealand. .
             Another problem is that the majority of teams are situated in New South Wales and Queensland, with only one team located in New Zealand. The limited distance the game covers hinders the awareness of the sport in other parts of Australia like Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania.

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