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Adrenaline Air Sports

             In performing a SWOT analysis on Adrenaline Air Sports, we identified several major and minor issues and challenges facing the company. Business dedication, location, marketing, plane capacity, and garnering repeat business were all identified as major issues. On a smaller scale, minor issues were identified as limited equipment, activities, and altitude limitations due to cost restrictions. All of these factors contribute to the success, or lack thereof, of Adrenaline Air Sports.
             Dedication to any business is paramount to success, and Billy Cockrell currently does not have himself 100% dedicated to his company. Working, in essence, two full time jobs does not allow the level of commitment to the business that will achieve the level of success desired by Billy. Also, the location of Adrenaline Air Sports and the location of Billy's other job cause time constraints and costs to commute from one location to the other.
             The location of Adrenaline Air Sports is beautiful and scenic for the jumpers, but is not advantageous for year-round business, as well as not regionally advantageous for large quantities of customers. A more metropolitan accessible locale would afford access to more customers. In marketing the business, Billy is currently advertising in the Yellow Pages. He also posts flyers with tear-off pieces with the business telephone number on them. These two forms of advertising are not sufficient. The Yellow Pages only covers a small geographical area; therefore, it does not aid in bringing in more patrons. Although Billy has a website for his business, it is not developed enough to provide detailed information about Adrenaline nor does it provide the availability to make reservations for future jumps to existing patrons. .
             Furthermore, because of the size of the aircraft that Adrenaline Air Sports utilizes, there is significant impact to the cost-effective operation of the business.

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