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Contemporary Racial Framing

             Jendian talked about Contemporary Racial Framing, stereotypes and prejudices. In the first two centuries of our Nation whites considered African decent people as foreign, uncivilized, and unchristian. Now, in modern day blacks are framed as being dangerous or violent. Anti-black stereotyping aids to keep segregation between races in America because the more segregated races are the more people are shrinking their bubble and stereotypes have a bigger influence on people. Residential segregation all though it may be illegal is still a problem in America. When people get to know someone from other races they realize that they are not all the same and some stereotypes may fall off. On Racist America, racial prejudice was defined as "antipathy toward a racial other based on a faulty generalization, such prejudice can be directed toward a group as a whole, or toward an individual as a member of that group. " (Feagin, pg. 102) Also, Jendian talked about how the farther you are away from the problem the easier it is to moralize your stand on the issue, such as a white person having no sympathy for a black person because they have no idea what it must feel like to be discriminated and hated on for your skin color. Often in modern day we hear white people say, "they are too sensitive " trying to minimize the problem of racism. In class we saw a video of Jon Steward interviewing Bill O'Reilly about white privilege and racial segregation and Bill O'Reilly denied white privileges and stated that there is less black oppression since Obama and Oprah are both black and are the most influential people in the country, which Jon Steward reply by saying that they both got a free pass and does not speak for the rest of the black community. Lastly, Jendian introduced us to "Implicit Association Tests Bias " a test that showed hidden race biases in our unconscious mind. I took three different race bias tests and on all three I was scored to have strong bias against black people.

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