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Gender Expectations

            "Purple is for girls and blue is for boys!'' exclaimed the dad to his son. The kid poured in tears because he wanted a purple ball but his dad did not let him get it because of the color. Children are learning from a young age what rolls they should take as male and female through their surroundings including their family, Disney movies, and toys. .
             Society has influence children's gender development. Parents being one of the main ones teach their children with reward and discipline. For example, parents may cheer for their daughter for baking a cake, but they might be upset with their son for doing the same thing. Parents also teach them by spending time with them. Children see what their parents do and try to imitate them. For example, the daughter might see her mom doing the dishes and the son might see his dad fixing the car. Not only their actions but also the comments coming from the parents may influence in children's gender development. The mom might say that she can not fix the car and that the dad has to do it. Parents tend to give their children different chores depending on their gender. For example, girls wash the dishes and boys take out the trash. Children are expected from their parents to do well in school on certain things. The girls are expected to do well in arts and crafts and the boys are expected to do well in math. As well as parents, siblings also influence children gender development. Brothers and sisters often tell each other what they think. For example, the boy is wearing a pair of shoes and his older brother tells him that they look like girl shoes. This will make the boy think and doubt and would not want to wear them again. Brothers and sisters also teach each other on how to act on certain situations or what they should do or not do. For example, how Sandra Cisneros talks about in her article ' 'Only Daughter,'' about a writer who had six brothers and would be forced to spent time with herself because her brothers would not let her play with them because they were embarrassed to be seen playing with a girl in public.

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