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Poetry of the Tang Dynasty

            During the Tang era, the developed economy and frequently culture intercommunion by the Silk Road made great contribution to the grand cosmopolitan culture at Tang Dynast. Therefore, as the strongest and most advanced country in the world the culture and civilization has become grew very fast. The poetry and novels have reaching the peak of Chinese literary achievement during that time. In order to understand how those poets express their feelings by poems, we need to know the purpose of writing poems during Tang dynasty. The first one and also the most important function of poetry was to give the basic idea about the importance of social and ethical issues to the people; the secondly was the personal issues and some of them similar with diaries. According to relevant research, they wrote mainly about nature, philosophy, and occasions, such as the history moments or even meetings with friends. During this essay, we will mainly talked about the second purpose that how those poets wrote about the natural.
             During that time, people were guild by the religion, which was considered as traditional teaching of thoughts and behavior codes. There are Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. Buddhism emphasized the transience and impermanence of life, while Daoism emphasized abandonment to the way found in nature; finally the Confucianism stressed moral responsibility and service to the state as stated by Robert Oxnam . After knowing these, it is not hard to find that three most famous poets, Wang Wei, Li Bai, and Du Fu reflected those three religions vividly. Wang Wei as known as "the Poetry Buddha ", was a Daoist artist he used his poetry, painting and music retreat to reconcile himself to nature, and also as a means of cultivation. By looking at his work "Stopping By the Temple of Incense Massed " we can know more about how he used his words to implement the natural scene spontaneity. .
             "I knew not of the Temple of Incense Massed, I went several miles into cloudy peaks.

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