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Robert Ezra Park and Modern Immigration Assimilation

            Today the American culture yet again faces issues of assimilation and social status of emerging racial and ethnic groups. The American society has had a long history of forced assimilation of minority cultures into what is considered the predominantly Caucasian Protestant majority. During the 19th and 20th century several key minority groups faced discriminatory action by the general populace. Starting with the policies of attempting to assimilate the Native American populace and eradicating their culture, the controlling society would also during the late 1800s embark on social programs that were both of isolationism and the creation of caste systems for emerging immigrants, such as those from Ireland. Such social mindset would continue on to the 20th century and further segregate what was assumed as non-mainstream cultures such as the African-American societies. Many sociological theories often would justify the predominant cultures actions and mores. Among them would be the ideas of Robert Park. .
             In order to understand the sociological construct of Robert Park's theories one must first take into consideration both his position in society, his locale, time period, and the influence predecessors had upon his development of ideas social control and order. Born of an affluent environment he enjoyed many benefits of his position in his social hierarchy construct. Such beginnings tempered with the support of a Darwinian sense of social order created a seemingly biased opinion that clearly by today's standards affected his theories and biases.
             Park's was a man of great conviction in the observation of the interaction between social class structure and felt that while an equilibrium could never be fully achieved, temporary balance could only be maintained when individuals interacting with each other within what he considered a state of their social norm and position. His thoughts however, perhaps misguided continue to be prevalent within the social structure of America.

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