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Case Study: Speech and Language Disorders

            My case study is about a little boy named Jason. Jason is two years old and he is having trouble communicating with orders. At the childcare center where he is taken care of, Jason does not talk very much, actually hardly at all. He is far behind the other children in the day care. The other two year olds are talking well and communicating fine, unlike Jason. On the other hand there is a little girl named Tania who is also two years old. She talks a lot unlike Jason, but when Tania talks it is very hard to understand what she is saying. The child care professional working with these children may believe that Jason and Tania have a communication disorder. .
             Jason may have a language disorder while Tania may be suffering from a speech disorder. The difference between these two is simple, having a language disorder means that a student can understand other through communication it is just hard for the student to respond to them. It also means how well a student can express someone else's ideas. Having a speech disorder is when a student is having trouble pronouncing different words, if you are having trouble understanding what they are saying it may mean that the student has a speech disorder. .
             A child with a language disorder may be able to say words well,but when it comes to putting them together to make an idea that is when it becomes difficult for them. A child with a speech problem can put a lot of words together and could be talking a lot, however when it comes to understanding what they are saying that is a different story. It is very challenging to understand what the student is saying if they have a speech problem. A child's communication becomes delayed when he or she is behind other children their age in speech. Delayed just means that the student takes a longer time to adapt to the language then other people their age. .
             Some causes to language and speech disorders could include: Hearing loss, ear infections, neurological disorder, brain or head injury, mental retardation, stroke, viral infections, cleft lip, and cleft palate.

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