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Short Story - The Bus Stop

            Once I arrive at the bus stop, I find myself repetitively checking the time on my phone only to notice the bus is once again 10 minutes late. When your only transportation is using the city bus, situations like this happen more often than not. It's hot outside and you have places to be but there is nothing left to do but wait. Other people waiting for the bus around you start complaining and you keep telling yourself the bus should be pulling up at any second, and as those seconds pass, no bus arrives. Finally after waiting for what felt like hours, the bus pulls up to the stop. As its pulling up I examine the bus seeing if its packed or empty.
             Depending on the time of day, not only is waiting for the bus a pain, but actually riding the bus is even more of a nuisance. Some days when the bus is super packed, I feel like that is when the bus ride is the longest. One time I was taking the bus around 3pm and as I attempted to pay my fare, the bus driver was giving me hard time insisting that I wasn't a college student and that I had to pay an additional dollar. I showed him my student ID which I'm sure he wasn't prepared for because he then gave me a dirty look and showed me back, not realizing how overly packed it is. I began to tell him that I couldn't scoot back any further without having to physically push the other people standing. He kept insisting that he wasn't going to start driving unless I did so, which ultimately ended up in verbal argument between the bus driver and I. Needless to say, I have never gotten on an overly packed bus again. .
             However, not only is over crowding a big issue with taking the bus, but who wants to sit on a bus full of complete strangers with very different personalities? Whenever I take the bus I always make sure I have my headphones because by simply putting on my headphones and zoning out to my music, it potentially eliminates any or all possibilities of having to listen to the chitter chatter of other people on the bus, babies screaming at the top of their lungs and most importantly, those obnoxious drunk guys always starting problems on the bus.

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