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             Honesty is essential to the human mind and to the development of the human conscience. Honesty is the discovering what reality is and once that is discovered, upholding and keeping the truths which are found. Honesty is not what most people think. It is not just the negatives: not stealing, not lying, or not cheating. Honesty is more than that.
             Discovering the reality in which we all seek is far easier than it is thought by most people. We, as men, are very good at hiding the reality we seek for. We like to alienate it and to hide behind big C instead of letting little d lead the way. Most men have not responded to the invitation to grow as human beings and to become authentically free. God did not find the human being on a limitation on divinity nor did he find it on the fact that we as humans will not find out own freedom. .
             There is many ways to expand our view of reality and that we can attain it. Our awareness of the multiple dimensions seems to be limited, as of right now, to just four. We need to begin using myths that seek to help us recognize and experience the reality of the current times. When we begin to do this we may start to see the real human morality and the beginning of our discovering of reality. Because of the great mercy of God we live a life of longing to be complete. The acceptance of the God sized void in our life is where we start to become complete. This is called the Poverty of spirit, an acceptance of this void, and acknowledging that we as humans have plenty of room to grow. .
             Some people believe that white lies do not affect humans in a negative way when in actuality they eat away at the trust within people. These white lies may become habitual and commonplace. When they become commonplace it becomes harder and harder to accept the words of a person and they begin to lose trust. They also set a pattern of deception. Its like little building blocks, white lies add up and only end up in one big lie.

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