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Freedom Behind The Screen

             Romance, drama, action, comedy, fairytale or historical, movies were made for our entertainment. Every person has contrasting viewpoints on different subject matters, so the films that we watch will either go along with what we are attracted to or against. Either or, the filmmakers are in a way artists that will always try to broaden or create something in a new light. The way certain events in time may be portrayed may not always be realistic or strictly follow the books. If that were so, every movie would be the same, perspectives would not grow or change, and the movie industry would be dull. When filmmakers choose to direct a movie regarding historical events such as the Holocaust, it is often predicted by the audience to be a sad, gloomy, heart aching film. But our expectations are not the same as the directors. Filmmakers do not have the moral duty to depict the Holocaust in the way it took place because they should be able to recreate events that occurred in an elaborate style and design a form of art that captures historical pieces as a background, which allows the audience to appreciate matters that go beyond the facts of history.
             Filmmakers have the freedom to incorporate facts, truth and reality into movies. Along with the choice to produce something that is not entirely founded on those characteristics. In the.
             film Life is Beautiful, Benigni's depiction of the Holocaust was appropriate. Along with other filmmakers, Benigni made and presented a movie that involved some factors of a historical event, and there will always be some truth to these genres. Beningi speaks about his idea of making a "fable ". In an article written by Bullaro, she shows her reader's that Benigni's father was working at a German work camp in World War II (Bullaro). She then goes on to explain how the childhood memories included the times his father would tell him stories about his time in the camp.

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