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The Beautiful Design of Apple Products

            In all of Apple's product line, even to the details, everything is almost perfect and eye-catching from the design, to the packaging even on media advertisements. Apple has spent and will always spend a huge amount of time to make a stand out in front of the competitors and create the best advantages for the products themselves.
             Use the big picture instead of many words: Apple fully into a famous saying "a good picture is worth a thousand words". With a volume of information and content posted daily, the large pictures will impact on the visual of consumers and they will want to find out more information about our products and company.
             Just only simple messages: Apple has always had and will always have simple marketing messages, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to share. However, simplicity does not make messages lack of the deep meaning. This evokes the desire to understand the nature of the message through the use of customer products.
             Normally, Apple's marketing message is simple and the press and the fans will fill the vacant seat. Why? Because Apple is now one of the most famous technology brands and also with the easy to understand message, the individual and the mass media will begin to parody the advertisement of Apple's flagship product, which indicates the success of Apple with the form of mouth marketing.
             Mouth marketing- the high way to gain the best sales: Apple is expanding mouth advertising through announcing before the product launch. Disclosure of the most compelling of new product before the product is brought to market would make customers decide to refuse to buy products of competing firms until they see what product of Apple is brought to them and how it is. The customers tell each other about upcoming products, this enhances the effectiveness of word of mouth and stirs interest of people who like Apple's products.
             Creating consumer's attention and joyfulness, directly meeting demand: Apple always reaches customers in a friendly manner.

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