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Obesity and the Fast Food Industry

            The rapid increase of Obesity has been increasing since the year of 1989. The life expectancy has decreased for the overweight and obese Americans. The population has been mostly estimated between 70% of overweight and obese Adults. The fast food industry has sky rocketed since 2006. In 1970, there has been estimated to be 20,000 food chains and seemingly increased over 300,000. Americans rather have take-out than cook a healthy meal at home. Once bite of a greasy burger and the consumer is hooked. The rating of obesity has been becoming higher and higher since 2010 and the fast food industries has been adding fast food chains in every corner as a consumer drives by. Fast food is to be the blame for the increase of obesity in children, adolescents, and adults. .
             Many health risks are contributed from eating fast food. Obesity has become a big epidemic in the United States. The phenomenal increase has caused the increase of the American waistline to expand. According to "Portion Sizes and Obesity: Responses of Fast-Food Companies " by Lisa R. Young and Marion Nestle, Young and Nestle say:.
             Portion sizes offered by fast-food chains are often two to five times larger than when first introduced. Large portions contribute to overweight in three ways: they provide more calories, than smaller portions, encourage people to consume significantly under estimate those calories. (239).
             An average person would normally consume no more than 2,000 calories a day. Eating out often from fast-food causes a great impact on weight gain like Super-Size Me!1 The portions of fast food was consumed in a large quantity rather than the normal size. McDonald's Super-Size drinks didn't work out well for health officials, reducing its size to a 32-fl oz. A 32-oz at Wendy's was considered a large in 2006, however the company changed its sizes again in 2006, adding the 42-fl oz. as a large and the 32-fl oz. as their medium.

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