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How to Prepare for an exam.

             Preparing for exams is a student's worst nightmare. They get anxious, worried and most of all they don"t know if they"ve studied the right notes. But the main important factor is that you have to study your notes that you take in class and be able to recall that information on the date of your exam. Following these steps on how to prepare for an exam you"ll find out how to prepare for an exam, with help on how to schedule your daily life. .
             First Step. Start preparing from the first day of class.
             Mostly importantly you have to start preparing from the start of the first day you start your course of subject. Instead of waiting till the last week of the exams and then trying to cram all your notes into your head, give yourself a head start and study the notes you get from the first day. Write them at the back of your book and revise them each night for a short amount of period. Gradually as your notes become more, lengthen your revising time and make sure that you do this every night, by the time your exam day draws near you"ll find that you can recall most of the information off by heart. .
             Second Step. Similar to preparing for a test.
             Studying for an exam is pretty much like studying for a test. You"ll find out that weekly revision of your notes results in much better grades. An exam is a major test and that could get on your nerves as you study but remember exam is like a test except it's longer. So prepare yourself by studying daily and in no time you"ll find yourself with straight A's while the other students who do not schedule their time properly will receive a mark of a lesser degree.
             Third Step. Review homework, quizzes and tests, solve several problems.
             Reviewing notes can be your homework, quiz's and other tests that you"ve done during the term of the semester. Just to make sure that you have studied open your textbook and try out a few problems and see if you can solve them without hesitation.

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