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Breast Cancer Awareness

            The three resources links that I found to be the most helpful to my learning and personally was the self-breast exam link, and the importance of doing one monthly, the Breast Cancer resource, how it's awareness alone has put more women on the alert to take a closer look at just how imperative it is to get checkups at the prescribed age, and the Parenting Link was the most helpful, because it had a variety of resources that helps parents with children of all ages, specifically in my case what I took from it was a mother having a talk her daughter about her menstrual cycle. This will help me be better prepared. All of these resources have touched my life on a personal matter. Educating myself about issues helps me cope.
             Self-Breast self-exam is an exam that we as women should perform monthly as the way to familiarize ourselves with our breast. There are guides available to help guide you through the process of the self-exams. This should in no way be used as sole means of your screening for cancer. However, it is a start. It can used as a tool for to help aid your doctor in noticing if something is different when examining your breast, it could also give you a little piece of mind. Some may feel that they aren't doctors, and they can wait until their next physical. Mammography is the most effective breast cancer screening tool used today for the detection. The recommended age for your first one is 40 years old. (American Cancer Society). Do not wait until is too late. Early detection is key to survival. .
             Cancer that forms in the cells of the breast is known as breast cancer. For years, it has been a myth that only women were victims of this horrible disease. It is a known fact that both males and females can fall prey to cancer. There will be at least 2,000 men diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. Men can acquire Breast Cancer at any age, however, it is usually detected around the ages of 60-70.

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