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Preparing for an Important Exam

            With the exams coming near, we know some of you out there might be having exam blues, and some of you might be shivering as to what will happen as nothing seems to work. Either you haven't started your studies yet or you have been studying all this while but without effective results. If you are into any of the above mentioned situation, then you are reading the right article at the right time. "How to prepare for Exams?" has always been a million dollar question for the students, but no more. Scoring in ICSE and ISC is no big deal. If you focus on some key aspects of preparing for your examination, then it won't be difficult to score well. Even if you feel under-prepared, you can do a lot with the short time you have left. Below are top 10 tips for preparing for your exams and excelling in it. Follow them and see the result for yourself.
             1. You Know yourself Better.
             So, if you had been fooling around thinking that you have enough time for your preparation, then this is the time to stop. You have just few more days left for the exams. Forget about how much syllabus your friend X has completed, forget about the constant pestering of your friend Y with questions, and forget about how friend Z, who, like you has still not started his studies yet. Forget about all these unnecessary stress because it is really important to believe in yourself, to be confident and to think positive. Work on the points we have mentioned below for these few days till your exams get over, and then you will have ample time to fool around. But if you are reading this just a day before your exams, and till now you have been fooling around thinking to get hold of such top 10 tips and get a 90% by following them, then  no need to waste your time reading this dear. Carry on with your awesome work of fooling around, as none does that better than you.
             2. Plan your Study.
             Proper Time Management and Planned study in such crucial stage is important.

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