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Choosing a Path - The Poetry of Robert Frost

            Robert Frost is famous for his ability to ask the reader about their life with the use of simplistic words. Frost does this by using the poetic technique of duality. Duality is the contraction of two opposite qualities; for example light and dark or left and right are two dualities. Along with the use of dualities throughout his poetry, Robert Frost uses nature to make his poetry to connect dualities with symbols that ordinary people can relate to. In Robert Frost's Poems "Fires and Ice", "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" Frost asks deep questions about the readers life through the use nature and metaphors.
             I believe that Robert Frost's poetry makes the audience think about his or her life without using vocabulary that scares off the average reader. Even though he uses this simplistic language, he adds complex questions that made me ask about my own life. This is the reason I believe that most of his poetry is misunderstood by most the people who read it. The reader gets caught up in the literal meaning of the poem without taking the time to think about the figurative. The poem that blatantly made me think about my life was "The Road Not Taken." Will I take the road less traveled, or will I take the road that is traveled by the group. An example of these fundamentals in my life is deciding to tell the truth or not. It is much easier not to tell the truth when you have been caught after doing something wrong and that is the path that most people take (the road that is most traveled by). Lying soon becomes a habit so people continue to try to lie their way out of their predicaments that they fallen into throughout life. In the long run it a better decision to tell the truth because the consequences are usually less than if one would fib. Recently I was confronted with this predicament and I asked myself what road would I take.

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