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Influences of the Past

            The Romans, the Mongols, the British and the Spanish empires and many more have all made us who we are today; from one empire another one was given birth to, but also as the culture, language, and food and even combat transformed and developed. Not just empire's but events such as the cold war, WII or even the crusades have brought and gave new revolutionary inventions and equipment. The world has developed and changed in languages and also cultures. Furthermore the world has been forged into a nearly perfect one, even though their still remains flaws to mend.
             The Romans created Latin as a result French, Italian, German and even English emerged through various ways. Moreover the experiments today suggested that different pronunciation and sometimes people putting gibberish and words together formed their unique language that only their country or city used. If it wasn't for language, cooperation and communication would be nearly impossible however sign language would be available to use. Although if it wasn't for the Roman Empire everybody would speak a completely different language but the spread of the Roman Empire meant that people learnt Latin and still knew their first language then they learnt Latin as a secondary language. Now a language that nearly everyone knows is English as around 1.8 billion people are able to speak English (not including people that aren't fluent). The Roman Empire brought a fascinating range of languages as well as that they also used these languages to communicate with each other during war so their enemy wouldn't understand what they were attempting to plot.
             Attacking, Destroying and Demolishing Combat is a criteria which has developed insanely. It used to be people running around and thrashing their axes at their enemies however the Romans advanced and used armour and iron swords to defeat and kill their enemies. The Romans did a lot of tactical work cooperating and working together to fight as a unit.

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