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Jim Jones and Pancho Villa

            There are many people in American history who have made a great impact over the years, including Jim Jones and Pancho Villa. Jim Jones was a person who tried to create a community of equal opportunity for everyone, although at the end of his life he led his followers into suicide. Pancho Villa was another person who had made a great impact on in American society. He "was the most iconic and best known personality of the Mexican Revolution and an enemy of the U.S. Jim Jones, a cult leader, who tried catering a community of his own based on equality, later "killing" his followers, Along with Pancho Villa, who lead the Mexican Revolution against the U.S, both greatly impacted American life throughout the 20th century.
             Jim Jones's had many struggles in his early life, he never had love given to him as a child, his dad was a veteran of the "Great war and a victim of mustard gas who lived on disability payments."(American Experience).  While Jim's father was not emotionally present, his mother was off working all the time. There was never time for anyone to discipline him, because no one was ever there to do so. Jones later told his congregation, "I didn't have any love given to me - I didn't know what the hell love was" (American Experience).  Jim Jones did not only have a rough time at home but also in school, he "was considered the trash of the neighborhood."(American Experience).  Although Jones had it bad in life, he did things for the great of good, he was the "underdog," who would fight off the bullies who did harm to the other children, and he would rescue stray pets, and take home beggars (American Experience). Jones later became a Civil Rights leader and the leader of a community of his own creation.  He had a special talent that spoke to everyone, just as Phyllis Wilmore said he was "Born Preacher," where at a pep rally before a basketball game, "Jimmy decided to stage an elaborate funeral for the other school.

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