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Memorable day in my life

            The birth of a child is a blessed moment in anyone's life. It particularly special for me when I became pregnant with my first child, especially because I was adamant against having children, but I never thought I would have any of my own. i never thought I could ever bear the pain and limitations associated with children. However, all of those thought changed with the birth of my first child.
             before my child was born, T often looked at having children as a task rather than a blessing. It was an awesome experience to watch my body and abdomen take on different shapes and sizes as my child grew inside me. Happiness began to over shadow fear and doubt as I daily cared for my unborn child. To feel a life moving inside me was nothing short of amazomg, because I knew that would soon be a mother.
             As I had imagined the pain of childbirth was like on other pain that I had experience before. However, the entire ordeal was well worth it. The strain and pain soon turned into tears of joy as I heard my baby cry for the first time. Finally reality sunk in and I knew that I had done something amazing.I had become a mother.
             Years Later, I experienced two other birth; and I thank God that all my children were born healthly and without serious complication. i dearly love all my children equally; and I would be willing to die for them. However, the the memories of the birth of my first child will always standout as a millestone for me. Having my first child gave me joy as a new mother; but it also made me realize that I had become a woman. Thank to the miracle of the birth of my childrenmy life complete.

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