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             A man in the 1950s named Walter Parazaider, born in Chicago, began playing music at the age of nine. His experience was different from the typical dreams. Many took on inspirations from Elvis Presley but Walter's love of music came naturally. His main study was clarinet. He played so well in his teenage years that he was accepted to play as an E flat clarinetist in the Chicago symphony. Towards the end of the late fifties, many other forms of music began to unfold new inspirations. .
             Parazaider's goal was to take his teachers place in the symphony. In pursuit of that goal, he enrolled in Chicago's De Paul University. While there he met another man named Jimmy Guercio.(who later became Chicagos producer) Both played through smoke filled bar rooms and other universities. Walter's original major was to become a teacher but his professors told him that he was no where near patient enough to take on that profession. So he changed his major. He prepared for a year an a half and played a degree recital for the principal members of the Chicago symphony and its audience. He passed with flying colors and received a degree in orchestral clarinet. While working on his academics, he came across a non-classical idea, a rock and roll group with horns. .
             His current band at the time was missing parts, but it featured a young talent by the name of Terry Kath on bass. The other two additions were a drummer named Danny Seraphine and a trumpet player by the name of Lee Laughnane. .

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