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Tattoos: Getting Inked

            The art of tattooing has been around for centuries. It is arguably claimed that tattoos have been around since 12,000 years BC. ("A Brief History of Tattoos") When the famous ancient "Otzi the Ice Man" was discovered in 1991, with 57 tattoos on his body, scientist saw that tattoos were used for acupuncture. ("Otzi the Iceman"). Today tattoos are still being seen. Tattoos are unique and different just like those who get them. Although they may look trendy and cool, it is also good to have knowledge about them before making the decision of getting one. There are many negative effects to getting tattoos. When getting a tattoo there are many regrets, possible infections or diseases, and trouble with knowing the artist. .
             A tattoo is a change in the body which are made by ink that is put into the skin and changes the pigment. When receiving a tattoo under impulse, many people don't think. It is important that when deciding on getting a tattoo that it is well thought out. Wait a good while before deciding to get a tattoo. Never do so spontaneously or under the influence of alcohol or drugs ("Roach"). When people do not think through with getting tattoos regret comes into play. People who also love getting tattoos will get tattoos just because of the feeling of getting one. Then later regret the tattoo that they got. .
             When getting a tattoo it is also great to consider the meaning behind it. Some tattoo fads which have come and gone include the barbed wire around men's arms and the Chinese letters which may, or may not, mean what you think they do ("Youn"). Teens that also get tattoos at a young age need to consider the future and if that tattoo can effect chances in getting a job or not. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are seeing more and more people who want their tattoos removed, often because they worry that the tattoos could cause problems with employment ("Youn").

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