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            Can I get a tattoo? This is a question asked by teenagers all across America to .
             their parents and usually answered with a no and its understandable why parents .
             don't like any of it but their reasons are usually, it looks stupid, why would you want .
             something like that done, and for what? Then again maybe kids wouldn't even ask if.
             they were more informed about tattooings history, the dangers of it, and the effect it will .
             have on them in society.
             For most people to truly understand body art then they must understand the .
             history and that it has been around for centuries. The oldest known body .
             alteration was tattooing, which dated back to the late Stone Age. The Europeans used it .
             and so did the Egyptians because of figurines with facial and body markings. In 2000 .
             B.C. tattooing spread from the Mideast to the Pacific Islands by India, China, and .
             Japan. It is certain that the Aztec, Mayans, Inca used tattooing from mummies that had .
             been duged up. Most tattooing was used as a status symbol or rite of passage to adult .
             hood well other uses of tattooing were for religious or magical reasons, decorations, or .
             to enhance appearance. The first professional tattoo artist in the United States was .
             Martin Hildebrand who tattooed sailors and soldiers during the Civil War.Tattooing .
             was a huge part of the Romans, the Greeks, the Anglo-Saxons, all people of any genre .
             used tattooing in one from or another so parents should understand that is has had a .
             significant effect on the world.(Sanders) The technique of tattooing is should be done in .
             a clean environment and with clean equipment. All tattooing should be done in shops .
             with expierenced tattoo artists with clean equipment. .
             "The use of an autoclave to sterilise equipment is recommended. In the case of tattoos, it is recommended that all pipes, needles, and inks be used once only. For piercing practices, jewellery must consist of stainless steel surgical material, 14-18 carat gold, or titanium.

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