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To Tattoo...or Not to Tattoo

             Something that I have always wanted to do is get a tattoo. To me, a tattoo is an expression of someone's personality and unique style. Tattoos some in many different shapes, forms, sizes, colors, designs, and places. The only thing harder than actually getting a tattoo is deciding exactly what u want. The possibilities are endless. I want a tattoo because it is very bold, and it is also a good way to express yourself. A lot of people want tattoos just because everyone else has them, or just because their friends do. A tattoo I something that a person has to live with for the rest of their life. That's why I want a tattoo for myself.
             I have always known about tattoos, because I have always been around them. I also know about tattoos, because there are people in my family that have them. My friends and some of my favorite celebrities also have different assortments of tattoos, so that also adds to the wanting of my tattoo. I also remember being intrigued by various tattoos from TV shows and music artists when I was very small. So ever since I can remember, I have always wanted my very own tattoo.
             This past summer I got really brave one night and decided that I wanted a tattoo right then and there. SO, I get my money and my mama, and we all went to a well trusted tattoo parlor. I spent an hour deciding on the perfect tattoo, and then right before I got it, I was quickly informed that in the state of Tennessee you must be eighteen years of age to get a tattoo regardless of whether your mama is there or not. So, a little disappointed but actually a little relieved we all went home.
             To me, getting a tattoo is kind of like facing a fear. It is something that I have always wanted to do. Although I am not very good with admitting my weaknesses, I am frightened to death of getting a tattoo. I am also quite sure that getting a tattoo is not going tickle. Deciding on what, when, where, how, and who, are all serious questions you should ask yourself before committing yourself to a tattoo, so make sure you think before you ink.

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