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            Something in our community that tends to create a lot of controversy is a tattoo. Tattoos can range from nearly every shape and size imaginable as long as it can fit on the human body. The process of getting a tattoo can be quite painful, as you have your skin pricked many times and injected with ink to form whatever image you want it to. The decision to get a tattoo however is not something to take lightly, because once you will have it you will be stuck with it, unless you are willing to go through a good deal of pain to get it removed, and after that you will have a big scar where the tattoo got removed. However for some a tattoo is just the thing to express themselves, such as your undying love for someone, hence tattoos that say something like BUBBA LUVS MAMA are not an uncommon sight. Some people see tattoos as a form of art, they are sort of moving pictures that can depict a persons true personality, in this sense a tattoo is almost a form of poetry. Of course there is always the person who just gets a tattoo because they feel like it or because it is required of them in some gang or group that they are in. For instance in the Japanese Yakuza, large full body tattoos are seen as proof of a high pain threshold. The truth is, tattoos have many different meanings to different people, but in the end it is really more or less just a form of expression, and if someone want a tattoo, let them get it.

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