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            Your body is shaking like you are outside in the winter with no coat on and this is not an exaggeration, but your not outside you are inside. You are sweating because you are so nervous and then it happens; your tattoo begins. The process of getting a tattoo could be long or short depending on what kind of tattoo you get, and how long before you receive the tattoo that you plan it.
             The people that really care about what kind of tattoo they are getting will spend from a week to a year planning their tattoo, and some don't know what they want to get until they go into the shop. For most people (and me) the most nervous time when you are getting a tattoo is right before the artist puts the needle into your body. It feels like a bee sting over and over. One misconception about tattoos is that people think that if you get a large one, that takes much filling in that the filling in is what hurts the most but that is so wrong. It is the outline that hurts the most because the artist is driving that needle into new nerves every time, and when they are filling it in your nerves get numb because they get used to the constant pressure of the razor sharp needle.
             The way to know if the tattoo parlor you go to is clean is to first know someone who has gotten a tattoo there before this will help you in fact that you will no if the tattoo shop is clean or dirty. Next, make sure they only use single use needles and not resteralized ones because the resteralized ones may not be totally clean of diseases, like hepatitis. You also have to make sure that the ink the parlor used is not redipped, and make sure that they put the ink into single-use containers. Also make sure that no one has gotten any diseases there before you can make sure of this by doing investigating the shop that you wish to receive your tattoo in.
             When you are picking out your tattoo you better make sure that you love it like you love your mother because you will have it for the rest of your life! When you are getting your tattoo, you want to make sure that they are using high-density colors, and not medium or low density colors.

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