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             "Tattooing is the peculiar art of injecting inks into the living parchment that .
             is called the human dermis"(Johnson13). The word tattoo comes from the .
             Tahitian word tatau, which means "to mark something." The word tattoo has .
             been used in the English language since around the year 1644, denoting the beat .
             of the drum (Rowe12). Although the idea of having your skin poked hundreds of .
             time a minute sounds extremely painful, tattoos have become more and more .
             popular these day. What started out as a simple system of identifying, .
             differentiating, and classifying people, has turned into just another cool fad, a .
             form of today's body art. Tattoos use to have meaning; they had purpose, and .
             the most important people had reasons for getting their tattoos. Today most .
             people get tattoos because it is a very popular and unique way to express .
             oneself and because many people think that they look cool. Unlike members of .
             ancient tribes, most people's tattoos today do not have meaning, and if they do, .
             the tattooed person probably does not know what that meaning is. There are two .
             sides of tattooing the ancient methods, meanings, and purposes and the present .
             methods, meanings, and purposes.
             Tattoos started as body paint or die known as henna. However after a while .
             some tribes or cultures took the tradition of painting their bodies to a whole new .
             level.   They began to use the pigments used to paint or die their bodies and .
             rubbed them into fresh wounds in order to assure that the color would stay .
             underneath their skin permanently.   Another way they used to create tattoos was .
             to take a small piece of extremely sharp bone or stone (which in some cases .
             took days to prepare) and tie it to a stick.   After they had the sharp object that .
             was to be used to puncture the skin properly tied to the stick and prepared, they .
             would take another stick (or larger stone) and tap the stick with the sharp object .
             attached to it with the larger stone or bone in order for it puncture deep into the .

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