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To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

             There are many issues the Christian church and its denominations still argue about. Among these is the great debate over the tattoo. Is it right, or wrong? Though many members of the congregation would disagree with me, I believe there is no harm in getting tattoos as long as you have the right motive. Tattoos, as with anything, can be misused or abused. However, when carefully chosen and obtained, I see no problem in having them. .
             As I was sitting on the black chair with my arm being poked by several needles, I knew I would never regret getting the gothic looking cross permanently traced onto my left arm. I had thought it out for some time before that day. I knew I wanted to have a symbol tattooed onto my arm that meant something. I wanted a tattoo that told a story. It was an easy decision for me to make. The symbol that is now permanently marked on my arm tells of my faith. It also signifies that wherever I go I take my beliefs with me. How can something of such meaning be wrong to possess?.
             Many Christians and leaders in the church share a much different opinion than my own. They believe and teach that tattoos are wrong. They even go as far as to say getting tattooed is a flat out sin. It is taught in many churches that God himself frowns upon tattoos.
             Many churches see the bible as a black and white book of rules and insights not to be taken lightly. Many members of the church believe that the laws God gave to Moses for the Israelites are also his laws for Christians today. Therefore when Moses" law says in Leviticus chapter 19 .
             vs. 28, "Never cut your bodies in mourning for the dead or mark your skin with tattoos, for I am the Lord,"(NLT) they take this at its word. It is reasonable to see why many think it's wrong from this verse. Also, many Christians associate tattoos with criminals and non-religious people. This too is understandable, being as tattoos are often obtained in prison.

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