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Approaches to Psychology as a Science

            As cited by Pastorino & Potilo (2013) Ebbinghaus described psychology to have a long past but only a short history (Pastorino & Potilo, 2013, p.7). Though the birth of psychology as a science wasnt formed until 1879 when Wilhelm Wundt established the first formal psychology research laboratory at the University of Leipzig, Germany (Benjamin, 2000). With the birth of psychology outspreading over three decades of the nineteenth century, it could be argued that psychology can go back even further. The roots of psychology may be traced through centuries of history within philosophy and medicine in ancient Egypt, Greece, India and Rome. There have been various debates to topics such as the source of human knowledge, the nature of mind and soul, the relationship of mind to body and the possibility of scientifically studying these matters (Wertheimer, 1987). As psychologies birth begun with the establishment of first psychology laboratory, some individuals who took psychology into the scientific ground were qualified as physicians; whereas others where more philosophical within nature. Forming early schools of psychology consisted of a group of psychologist who associated with the leader of a movement. As new schools had developed, it defeated the old school and had become the dominate school until another one took its place. Structuralism identified the structure of thought as Wundts view was that various elements created mental experience. Functionalism, the primary interest is within the function of mental processes and consciousness. Psychologist like Washburn (1871-1939), disagreed against limited view the structuralism presented gave rise to another early school of psychology known as Gestalt psychology. (Pastorino & Potilo, 2013).
             Heading from the different views of psychologies development, it is apparent that psychologists have dissimilar views on aspects of human development, which is evident in the methods and theories each have produced.

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