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One Vote Can Make a Big Change

            One of the major concerns in the US is the number of voters casting ballets during elections. Government is always trying to promote ways of convincing people to vote. If even a small percentage of eligible voters decided to vote in the main battle states, the entire outcome of an election could change. As I mentioned before, even a slight change in the amount of votes could affect the entire outcome. For example, President Obama succeeded in winning Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania in the 2012 election. Statistics show if Mitt Romney won these same states he would have become president (Kranish). The ability for change to happen is immense because only half of eligible voters cast votes in 2012 (2012 Voter).
             Another reason to vote is that America was built upon the idea that people voted for what they believe is right. Since the formation of the United States, many races and minorities have fought to gain this right, and to not vote is to throw away all the sacrifices made to acquire the right to vote (Timeline). I've also heard the argument that my vote won't change the course of the election. This is wrong; states usually have a preference to a certain party and your vote could sway that preference and alter the distribution of states to candidates (State Political).
             As American Citizens we have to remember that voting is the only say that we have in government. We can influence the way tax money is spent to the healthcare that we receive. By not voting, each citizen is stating that they do not wish to influence what happens around them and to let things carry out "naturally". Another issue is the age group of voters. Let's set up and example where the majority of voters are older individuals. The decisions made will most likely be swayed in their favor, but not that of the younger individuals that will soon make up the populous. .
             To conclude my thoughts, voting is crucial to our country because it is an active part of being an American Citizen.

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