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Voting - Every Vote Counts!

            The right of voting is an honor which is granted to every citizen in the United States. Voting helps people to express their opinion about politics and they can be represented by their candidates who are the best and suitable for the country. The United Stated Constitution gives individuals the right of being free and equal regardless their ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or gender. Voting helps minorities, poor, and low class people make decision for their countries same as wealthy, high-class people, or majorities. Every individual has a civic duty to vote. Individuals have the responsibility to choose the most responsible, trustful, and diligent leadership because the person who is elected can make a big difference in the future of society, government, and politics. As citizens, our priority is to determine what type of leadership is best for our country and we should take stand to perform our task by voting, so we can make a better future for our country. On the other hand, some people might argue that their votes do not matter. However, voting not only allows individuals to express their thoughts and ideas, but also it guarantees the quality of every individual's life. In addition, voting is a privilege which has been given to every citizen. .
             We can tell our ideas and speak our mind by voting. There are so many people who are eligible to vote, but some of them do not want to participate. Some individuals suppose that one vote does not make a difference in the result of the election. However, even one single vote might make a big difference. It is crucial to vote since every vote counts. Voting is one of the most significant perform that every person can engage to help the country be a better place to live. Everyone is allowed to have his or her opinions and able to express them. It is better to vote since individuals are given the opportunity to choose their leaderships who can represent them in the Parliament and can have a big impact on every individual's life.

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