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            In the United States there are two mayor parties: Democrat and Republican. To determine which party is the best people have to vote. This is a unique democratic opportunity that people have to choose the right person. Therefore, people should bother to vote because it gives them the right to decide the future.
             With a single vote a person can change the future not only for who is going to govern them but also for what that person is going to do. The 2000 presidential election was so close between the two principal parties that the counting of votes went on for 36 days. George W. Bush was declared the winner in the election, but if the election had given Al Gore the opportunity to be the winner what would it has happened, surely the past and future of the country would be different than now. Another example of a single vote changing the future was the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. It passed by only one vote. .
             The opportunity to decide who is going to govern the country is invaluable. There are people of others countries that don"t have this possibility. For example, Cuban people can"t decide who governs them; they have a communist government since a long time ago. They don"t have freedom of the press, can"t express their opinion against the government, can"t travel freely, can"t to form government parties; indeed, they don"t have liberty.
             When a person votes, he or she feels the liberty to decide. I learned in high school that democracy is the government of the people, by the people ,and for the people. Every vote is a referendum of our government. The vote is the voice of the people, a voice that can produce a change or can confirm a good performance. It is giving a mandate to a current administration or to a new face to lead the people.
             In conclusion, people who bother to vote are deciding for the future of their country. A single vote can change the future as happened in the past.

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